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Magical pond that changes color with the weather 

Kent Shiraishi took these photos of the Blue Pond, a beautiful body of water in Hokkaido, Japan. Blue Pond receives so much attention because of its shimmering blue hue, which changes into a lovely green in certain light. This pond owes its colors to aluminium hydroxide, a mineral which reflects blue light. 

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A poetic and artful umbrella, Komorebi is based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage.”


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I hope you always find reasons to smile Meghan. ❤
You guys are one of the many reasons I’m always smiling
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The stunning sight of hundreds of bright blue butterflies was almost too much for the six-month-old kitten, Lepa, as he bounced over and started trying to catch them. The comical chase was captured by student Natalia Moldovanova in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. After awhile Lepa got tired and collapsed among the butterflies, seemingly in paradise.
Article here.

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Patrick Jacobs

“Jacobs’s dioramas provide peeks into a world in which reality is presented in such exquisite detail it begins to look surreal.

The artist draws from art history and garden pest control brochures alike to create miniature 3D works of art, viewed through a circular glass lens. Viewers get the impression that they are looking into another realm, simultaneously natural and constructed, familiar and unknown. In a way, we get a taste for a fish’s life from inside the bowl.”

I’m crying because this is incredible

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Bear & Bird by Gennine Zlatkis.


Bear & Bird by Gennine Zlatkis.

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i want to knit a yellow scarf.. but i’ll have to leave the house so i can buy the yarn…

i want to knit a yellow scarf.. but i’ll have to leave the house so i can buy the yarn…

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